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Your Excellencies
Reverend Monsignors
Reverend Fathers: 
I am writing to advise you of an offering to have your milestone celebration (e.g. 25th, 50th, 75th, 100th anniversary) accompanied by New Jersey Knights of Columbus who are also licensed Amateur Radio Operators. Several of us Knights/hams throughout the state have formed the New Jersey Knights of Columbus Amateur Radio Club (NJKCARC). The purpose of the club, as it pertains to the Church and the Knights of Columbus, is to provide a means of acknowledgment of your existing celebration with people throughout the world.
Many Parishes were formed through mergers in the recent past, but you may still celebrate the anniversaries of your churches.  You may have an upcoming Diamond Jubilee celebration--if so, we would like to be part of your special event. 
From May 5-20, 2023, 12 Knights/hams throughout the state operated Special Event Station K0C (Kilo-zero-Charlie) celebrating the New Jersey Knights of Columbus 127th Convention. During those 15 days, we made 2,100 contacts into 67 different countries and six continents!
Amateur Radio Operators exchange postcards–known as QSL cards in the hobby–which confirm contacts with one another. The cards are adorned with the call sign of the operator, his or her name, and quite often have a photograph of a map of the country in which they live.   Of the approximately 100 QSL cards received after Special Event Station K0C, several contained notes of congratulations and well wishes to the Knights. Many were Knights themselves, or were just glad to hear Catholic men on the air.
Imagine a display of cards from throughout the world, exclaiming congratulations for a Diamond Jubilee, or the 100th anniversary of a Parish.  After receipt of the cards, they can be displayed however you wish, to commemorate yourcelebration.
When we leave your celebration, you will know how many contacts were made, and since call sign prefixes are unique to only one country, you will also know which countries have been contacted. Although there is no guarantee, daily contact can often be made with many of the European countries, including Italy, England, France and The Ukraine.
If you wish to, and if conditions permit, you and your visitors may also have the opportunity to speak on the radio and make contacts with other stations.  The radio station, which will consist of radio, laptop, cables and antenna, most of which can usually fit in a backpack, will be set up, operated and taken down on the same day as your celebration. All that we need to operate is a relatively quiet location with minimal foot traffic, so nobody trips on our cables or antenna. A location that includes access to a tree, rooftop or other tall structure would be ideal.
Amateur Radio Operators are forbidden from operating an Amateur Radio for "pecuniary interest", and therefore cannot accept payment for their services.
Advance notice of several months is required if you wish to have NJKCARC assist in celebrating your special event. This is required to schedule club members, and work with interested priests, especially when event dates conflict with one another, meeting with the pastor and defining where the radio and antenna will be set up.  Advertising in hobby magazines and online requires notice of several months, necessitating the advance notice.  A schedule of Special Event Stations is posted on our club website,  Please visit it at your convenience. 
At this time, we are prepared to prioritize vents celebrating milestone anniversaries as mentioned above.  We will accommodate annual, semiannual or regularly scheduled celebrations for a limited time, so you can see what we do, and hopefully share your experience with your fellow priests.
We can only join your celebration for one or two days at best.  Thank you for your understanding.
I invite you to click on the attached links to read the articles in the Catholic Star Herald, the Jersey Catholic and the Trenton Monitor, regarding our 2023 15 day Special Event Station, K0C, and our upcoming 2024 Special Event Stations. 

If you know of any Amateur Radio Operators in your diocese or parish, please have them contact me.  We have a few members who are willing to volunteer their time throughout the state for this cause, but we could always use more of them.
Please contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding having a Special Event Station at your upcoming celebration.
Thank you for doing God’s work.
Vivat Jésus! 

Thomas M. Perrotti

District Deputy #60
Immediate Past Chapter President
Reverend Francis P. Araneo Chapter
The Chapter for Life
New Jersey Knights of Columbus Amateur Radio Club
Amateur Radio Operator

(856) 602-2525
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