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Field Day, 2024 and Other Stuff

Updated: Jun 24

For my first ever solo Field Day, I operated 1D SNJ. I made 181 contacts, or so I thought.

I've never been one for contest, preferring instead to hunt DX, but this year I thought I'd give it a shot. I visited the local club, tried to talk up our club. I even spoke with a Knight who is also a ham, and left him some information regarding our club. Hopefully we will hear from him soon.

Anyway, it pays to read the rules. I made 181 contacts--not impressive, but I did have fun--but they don't count. I ran about 800 watts the whole time, when I was limited to 100 watts. I remember reading that, but somehow I forgot it. I did speak with Hawaii, which is always neat, but only one DX station.

Although we are are a virtual club, I would like to explore ways to possibly participate in Field Day in the future.  Perhaps once we become ARRL-affiliated, our Section Manager can lead us in the right direction.  With the ARRL being on hold right now because of the hacking, affiliation might take awhile.

We have some rather important events upcoming--first, we will hold Zoom meetings regarding our McGivney Series of Special Event Stations this week.  Please try to attend, and assist me in answering any questions that might be asked.

Our mid-term DD/GK meeting in Somerset, NJ (a 100 mile ride for me one way) will be held this Friday and Saturday.  Although this is a shortened version of the event, I will still talk up our club, and perhaps get the opportunity to display our QSL cards from our 2023 K0C Special Event Station.  

In July, the state officers get sworn in, and two weeks after that, our first official NJ2KC Special Event Station will take place at Discover House in Mullica Township.  If you plan on participating, please let me know, and I will send you some information  on Discover House to offer to your contacts, should they ask.

Following those events, we have two Special Event Stations in August--one for the Supreme Convention and the next for the birth, death and feast day of Blessed McGivney.  However, the Kansas State Fair will be using K0C on August 26, 2024, so we need to ensure we copy all of our important information from QRZ/K0C for use again in October.

Topic for Discussion:  What are your thoughts regarding us using our club call during an upcoming contest or Special Event Station?  Perhaps our contacts will ask us about our club, or read about it themselves on QRZ.  It will probably have to be an event such as 13 Colonies, which is right around the corner, where, even though there is competition, it is not like the competition in a SSB DX contest.  Sometimes those operating 13 Colonies will actually hold a conversation with you.

Thank you for everything you do, both as Knights and as hams.  

Vivat Jesus and 73,



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