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June 17, 2024 Blog

Our pin back pins have arrived after a month long wait.  The pins are great, albeit a little small at one inch diameter, but our logo looks great on them! The pins will be available at the New Jersey State Knights of Columbus mid-term meeting on June 28-29 in Somerset, NJ.

If permitted, I will set up the poster board with the QSL cards from our 2023 KØC Special Event Station at the mid-term meeting.  If not allowed, you can bet I'll be talking us up every chance I get.

I have a meeting Wednesday night regarding the 50th anniversary picnic of Discovery House.  My plan is to arrive early at the meeting to set up my radio as a demonstration of what to expect on the day of the picnic, July 27, 2024, our first scheduled Special Event Station of NJ2KC.  Please visit or for more information about Discovery House.

Our net tonight had five actual check-ins besides me as Net Control.  We had a new check- in, Warren, KQ4KLA, who lives in, of all places, Warren County, VA.  Warren is not a Knight, but he was welcomed on the net as if he was one.

While I am trying to get Supreme to acknowledge us, we need council members to become hams and ham club members to become Knights.

Vivat Jesus and 73,



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