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Less than a month until the New Jersey Knights of Columbus 128th State Convention

We have less than a month until the New Jersey Knights of Columbus 128th State Convention, and about two weeks until the beginning of our Special Event Station Celebrating the convention.  If you wish to participate under our callsign of KØC as an operator, please leave a message or EMail either Art, N2AJO, at or me at  If you wish to participate as a contact, please visit our EVENTS page orØC


Last Friday, I hosted a series of Zoom calls with Knights/hams, to get the ball rolling for the McGivney series of Special Event Stations, beginning in August and Ending in November.  A few interested Knights/hams showed up, with several more wishing to attend, but unable to do so.


There has been some activity on our website, as well as our QRZ pages.  Last year we had 10,000 hits on our KØC QRZ page.  As of this writing, we have 921 hits.


We also have an unsolicited invitation to attend a major function in the area.  I will keep you posted if that comes to fruition.  If it does, I believe it will jump-start our exposure.


Thank you for reading.  I hope to update this on a regular basis.


Vivat Jésus and 73,






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