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New Jersey Knights Of Columbus Spelling Bee Finals

On Sunday, April 7, 2024, I made the 100 mile trek from the metropolis of Rosenhayn to the town of Brick, and set up shop with call sign NJ2KC in the parking lot of Epiphany church (I went to Mass on Saturday night).  The New Jersey Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee Finals were about toc take place!


I made several contacts on 20m; thank you to the MOQP.  All of my contacts were participating in the event.  One contact was from Michigan, and two from Missouri.


After 10:30 Mass was over, the parking lot cleared out, except for a few cars.  I made my way inside, and was offered a room next to where the Spelling Bee was to be held in which to operate.  I had to set up my Hustler antenna indoors, because the casement window with screen did not permit a way for me to get the antenna outside.


My Kenwood TS-570(D)G had a high SWR on 20m, so I was forced to switch to 40m.  I made a couple of contacts there, and before long, the Spelling was over.


The contacts I made on 40m were Jim, W2UM, in Bernardsville, and John, W2RN, running remote.  Both Jim and John are club members.  Thank you both for answering my SLACK call and helping me out.


Five contacts wasn't many, but I met some great Knights there in Brick; they found me a room to use and offered to help me carry my equipment back outside.  Thank you.


I spoke with our WSD, Raymond Sands, who was there, and he snapped a couple of photos of me at the mic, then he was off to another event.


After I packed up, I made the trip back to the big city.  I am now just just waiting for the next event.


Until next time! 


Vivat Jésus and 73,




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