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Updated: May 8

The Second Annual K0C Special Event Station celebrating the annual convention of the New Jersey Knights of Columbus. Unfortunately, just like this time last year, the solar disruptions are making it extremely difficult to make contacts on some of the bands However, we will persevere!

While I was out of town, I heard Joe, NJ9l, Jim, W2UM and Fritz, W2CET on WEBSDR/Utah. Art and Dom were operating digital and CW, so I was unable to hear them.

We are having some glitches uploading some of the ADIF files, but I'm sure they will get straightened out. I made over 40 contacts myself, attempted to upload the file, and found out the I failed to change my call to K0C in my logging system. It's now fixed, and I was tickled pink to upload my two stations from Hawaii!

I should have some upcoming updates, especially when we get closer to the convention.

Thank you for visiting, the home of the New Jersey Knights of Columbus Amateur Radio Club.

Vivat Jesus and 73,



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